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The mission of Seminary Extension is to provide theological education and ministry training of excellent quality to church leaders and members where they live. As we work to complete our mission, we are equipping today's busy Christian ministers and lay people with theological knowledge, ministry skills and competencies. That means delivering Biblical, Theological, and Practical education to Christians wherever they live. Study options include studying with friends in local study groups and through correspondence. That means that Seminary Extension courses are available to just about everyone. 

Seminary Extension is a biblical, affordable and effective means for equipping God's people. It is also available and convenient. So why wait? Find out how you can become a Seminary Extension student today.

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World Religions

NT 3166—New Testament Survey, Part 1 (3 hours) 

Starts: Monday, January 9, 2023

At: First Class: SNBA Office, Kirbyville

Following: Good Shepherd BC, Silsbee

Instructor:  Dr. Todd Tucker

A Survey of the historical and cultural background of the New Testament, along with the life, ministry and teachings of Jesus.  The course also covers the process by which the gospels were written and explores the similarities among the synoptic gospels and the uniqueness of the Gospel of John.  Also covered are the authorship, purpose and content of the book of Acts.


Introducing the New Testament, Joe Blair, ISBN: 978-0-8054-2123-1, $29.99

The New Testament, It's Background and Message, 2nd ed., Thomas D. Lea and David Alan Black, ISBN: 978-0-8054-2632-8, $34.99 

Course Cost: -- $240.00

Sys Theo

Starts: Coming in March/April

At:  SNBA Office, Kirbyville

Instructor:  Braci Lawson

 This course provides a study of the biblical principles for a successful ministry to women and seeks to answer the following questions along the way:  Why have a women's ministry?  What are the leadership principles for a biblical women's  ministry?  Who should lead a women's ministry?


Women Leading Women, Jaye Martin and Terri Stovall, ISBN: 978-0-0854-4760-6, $29.99

Course Cost: -- $170.00

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